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A showcase for those dedicated to achieving shopper marketing excellence!

The Shop! Awards are the ultimate symbol of creativity, innovation and best practice – a hallmark of excellence that provides the benchmark for success and the catalyst for continuous improvement.

Recognising today’s multi-faceted path to purchase, our awards showcase the very best in shopper marketing, from in-store displays, digital solutions through to fully integrated 360° campaigns.

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Campaign Categories

Integrated/ Omnichannel Campaigns

Campaigns using different touchpoints & channels designed to stimulate consumption through shifting shopper consideration & buying behaviour. May include collaborative projects, loyalty & reward schemes.

Shopper Marketing Campaigns

Targeted campaigns to maximise sales uplift over a specific time-period through motivating increased basket conversion. May include collaborative projects, loyalty & reward schemes.

Trader Campaigns

Commercial campaigns converting trade buyers to purchase for their shoppers. Includes bottom end, traditional / spaza.

Social & eCommerce Campaigns

Digital exclusive campaigns targeting on-line shoppers/missions. May include launch campaigns.

Interactive Activations

Exhibition / promoter event activations with clear conversion elements. Includes on and off trade promoters & events.

Purpose-Driven Campaigns

Any socially conscious, cause-related or purpose-driven campaign, whether activated in-store, out-of-store or in an omnichannel execution.

Pack Design

Pack designs that incorporate shopper specific communication/conversion elements.

Technical Design Categories

Temporary* On-Shelf

Display elements installed on-shelf (incl. on & in fridges). Typically shelf defenders, trays, glorifiers, banners, promo shelf-edge strips, wobblers & parasite units. 


 * normally less than 12 weeks in store

Temporary Off-Shelf

Freestanding, floor-based displays from any retail sector or category.

Temporary Gondola Ends

Tactical displays specifically designed for gondola end installation.

Temporary Scale Displays

Multi-element large scale display installed off-shelf, including in-store theatre.

Permanent** On-Shelf

Display elements installed on-shelf (incl. on & in fridges). Including but not limited to shelf defenders / trays, shelf cladding, parasite units.


** normally more than 1yr in store

Permanent Off-Shelf/ Freestanding

Freestanding, floor-based displays from any retail sector or category. Can include permanent theatrical installations.

Permanent Gondola Ends

Display solutions designed specifically for gondola end installation.

SHOPPER CENTRICITY is no longer a buzzword – it is a central theme in retail business development.

The crafting of growth strategies seamlessly connected throughout the demand journey requires business understanding and commitment to the establishment & cross-functional integration of EMPOWERED SHOPPER & TRADE MARKETING FUNCTIONS

“As the retail market evolves and shopping behaviour changes, it’s more important than ever to recognise shopper marketing as an approach that goes beyond traditional marketing to create more immersive and personalised buying experiences for shoppers” Shop! global development director, Leo van de Polder.

STRATEGIC PARTNERING built on a platform of authentic shopper insights & common commercial purpose is the opportunity sought by leading retailers & brand owners.